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    I have several Chevrolet Cavaliers that I would like to keep running but am getting worried about the availability of replacement parts for the CNG system. Many of the parts are expensive or no longer available from the dealer and they are hard to find in junk yard. With the price of CNG vehicles dropping, now is the time to search for a "donar" parts car. I just purchased a 2004 Cavalier with front end damage for $1500.00 on E-bay. This car has only 55 K miles, and a 100% completely functional CNG system. It also has a very late build date tank with an expiration date of 01/2018. Just needing a few of the parts would pay for the entire car. I have space to store the complete car and can scavenge parts when I need them. If you lack space, the CNG components can be removed for later use and the car itself can sold or scrapped. If you see a wrecked one for sale you might want to think about this option.

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    I've had a '99 Cavalier as a donor car for almost a year. When my daughter wrecked her '02 Cavalier I found that I could use the hood from the '99 on the '02. They changed the lights, fenders and front bumper starting with the '00 model but the hood is the same. I've also used the PRD from the tank, several tires/wheels, the sun visors, CNG fuel filler door and some minor trim pieces. I've also purchased a set of the CNG components from the top of a CNG engine and used the lockoff solenoid, Low Pressure Regulator and Gas Mass sensor. It seems that they are pretty much interchangeable among the '98 through '02 models.
    If you have a Cavalier it's a great idea to have a donor car.
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