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Looking for some insight into CNG development policy

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  • Looking for some insight into CNG development policy

    Help with understanding the lay of the land in NY
    Here is what I understand: NY has one of largest infrastructures for CNG with stations just about everywhere. Our state has invested heavily in infrastructure and insisted that state agencies drive NGVs. The vast majority of these stations are not open to the public. A lack of access to pumps is the primary reason why so many folks don't drive NGVs. The biggest hinderance to the private development of new stations is a lack of NGV drivers.

    Here is what I don't understand: Why does NY not open its pumps to the public. Are we not the ones they serve? Are we not the primary users of vehicles in the state? Is it not in the public interest to get more and more New Yorkers driving NGVs? It is not also in the public interest for the state to generate some income out of these stations by opening them up to the public and selling fuel at a reasonable profit (to help cover the cost of running the stations at the very least)? Opening up these pumps to the public would increase NGV use, which would spur private station development, these seems like a no brainer...what am I missing?

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    Re: Looking for some insight into CNG development policy

    Mulitple post. See link below:
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