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  • Question about pressure

    When I hear that Oklahoma pumps are only set to 3000 PSI what exactly does that mean for my fill. Most of the time I pull up to a pump and it is well over 3000 on the pressure gauge. Does this mean that the pump will stop when my tank is at 3000 because it is set to 3000 or will it fill up past 3000?

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    Re: Question about pressure

    If they only have one dispenser, they will set it up for '3000' so it can fill both 3000 and 3600 vehicles. But, they often set the pressure in-between at around 3300. Running the 3000 systems 10% over operating pressure isn't a big deal (they are exhaustively tested much higher than that) and it gives the 3600 folks 90% of their design capacity. It will fill your tank to whatever the gauge says. It won't stop at 3000.
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      Re: Question about pressure

      It will pump to the pressure listed on the side of the pump, assuming the pump's gauge is correct. Once the pressure in your tank and the pressure of the pump are equalized, the pump cannot pump more. It will not, however, stop at 3000 psi to match your tank's rated capacity.
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