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Natural Drive Impalas !!!!!!!

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  • Natural Drive Impalas !!!!!!!

    John and Kevin. I want to congradulate you guys on this system. We have now drove the first EPA version over 1000 miles without even the slightest hickup. This car is going to be a real hit on the market. We have seen remarkable fuel milage on the high way. We will delivering this vehicle to the customer next week with a big press release from the new owner.

    The car has great cold start, great acceleration, very good range. It is absolutly unnoticable that you are driving a NGV ( like it should be).

    We look forward to installing these system on new cars as they come in.

    I dont normally indorce a system this early but so far we have had a great experince with this system.

    If any one has any questions and wants a real answer from the techs that installed the system call TGT and ask for Chris.

    Keep up the good work

    Tom Sewell
    Tulsa Gas Technologies
    Proud to install the first Natural Drive system after EPA certification on the 2008 3.9 Chevy Impala LT