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The Bi-fuel advantage

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  • The Bi-fuel advantage

    I have seen a couple of posts lamenting the fact that CNG is now priced higher then Gasoline in many areas. This is true now where I live as gasoline has fallen a penny below the CNG station price. I remember years ago I purchased an old powerplant built in 1938. In the plant were two diesel generator sets and some spare parts. Included in the parts were large cast spacers to fit under the cylinder heads that had spark plug holes in them. After reading the manual I found the spacers were part of a kit to convert the engines to spark natural gas fuel. The manual went on to state that over the life of the engine the cost and availability diesel or natural gas could change so that one fuel would be cheaper to operate on and therefore the engine was convertible.

    Those of us who drive a bi-fuel car have this same advantage today that this old engine had without all the work of rebuilding it to change fuel sources. It is simply a decision that is made when filling up. CNG has been traditionally cheaper then gasoline and soon the price will correct itself. The positive side is that over the past several months there was a fantastic cost advantage to using CNG. Also on the positive side there are some real savings on buying CNG vehicles as many of the "speculators" are dumping their vehicles on the market. Now is the time to jump in, pick up a used bi-fuel and wait for the prices to realign .

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    Re: The Bi-fuel advantage

    Go for it.

    From reading the posts in here it seems the NG providers out west are profit takers. Check out for a map and zoom to see pricing at other parts of the country. CNG at my house is currently $0.64gge. Do keep in mind that CNG prices don't change as quickly as petro fuels.