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CNG gauge on experimental car

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  • CNG gauge on experimental car

    We have a generator powered by CNG in our 1959 Lincoln electric car.
    Our installed CNG tank has no gauge to lets us know how much fuel we have
    so we can't determine our mileage. We are in the San Francisco Bay area and and looking for a source for such an item or system...asap

    Team Lincvolt

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    Re: CNG gauge on experimental car

    Sounds like a neat idea.

    The gauge need to measure at least 1.2 times system working pressure (NFPA -52 4.6.1. I would recommend a 4,500 psi liquid filled gauge with a
    .054" limiting orfice that is compatable with methane (natural gas). If the gauge is located in the passenger compartment (which includes the trunk) the gauge, if it fails, can not allow any CNG to flow into the passenger compartment NFPA 52-6.7.1. Also if the gage is located outside the passenger compartment, it must be equipped with a limiting orfice, a shatter proof dial lens, and a body relief. Try a hydraulic shop or Welding supply shop.

    The installation of the gauge should should be done by someone who understands high pressure gas and fittings that should be used. San Francisco Cityh College was starting a natural gas vehicle course a few years ago, check with them they may be able help you.

    Please play it safe. I'm not out to scare you, just inform you what the requirements are.



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      Re: CNG gauge on experimental car

      I'd sure like to see photos of your car.
      BLUE 09 GX


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        Re: CNG gauge on experimental car

        Also look in the list of certified conversion shops in the conversions forum. A-1 Auto Electric is in your neck of the woods and is the authorized BAF installer. They too should be able to assist you.