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Penalty for non-EPA/CARB installations

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  • Penalty for non-EPA/CARB installations

    Does anyone know what penalty/fine would be accessed in California if you are discovered driving a vehicle that has been converted to CNG using a non-EPA/CARB certified conversion kit that has been installed by the vehicle's owner instead of an approved conversion shop?

    EPA/CARB certified conversion kits are not available for most fuel efficient vehicles that California drivers would want to drive. The absence of approved EPA/CARB conversion kits for fuel efficient high mileage vehicles tempts California drivers to break the law and install illegal non-certified kits on the vehicles they want to drive.

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    Re: Penalty for non-EPA/CARB installations

    I don't believe there is any such thing as an EPA/CARB conversion shop, however, all EPA/CARB certified kit manufacturers restrict their sales to installers that they have approved.

    And in all honesty, the high cost of a CNG conversion actually makes it more usefull on inefficient vehicles, such as trucks and SUV's. There would be much less payoff for the kit converting something small and lightweight, as the savings per mile would be considerably less compared to it's original gasoline form. This is why there aren't conversion kits for small cars.

    As for california enforcement, this is checked at the smog-check every 2 years. If you have a non-CARB conversion kit installed, you should fail the smog check, and would be unable to re-register the car. Of course, judging from the liscense plates in my local area, I don't think ANYONE even registers their cars in california anymore.
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      Re: Penalty for non-EPA/CARB installations

      All the answers are covered in detail at:

      I believe the fine is $5000 per day that you're in violation... Check EBay for a used car, it's the most affordable way to get on cng.