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Expiration on White HOV Carpool Stickers?

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  • Expiration on White HOV Carpool Stickers?

    Is there an expiration on the White HOV Carpool Stickers? I know the Yellow Hybrid stickers are due to expire in 2011 and the cap has already been reached on the number sent out. I know also that the White sticker is still available (depends on who in DMV you talk to ). But I was under the impression that the White sticker had no expiration date like the Yellow. This is supposed to be an advantage of the White Sticker. And with the "HOT" HOV lanes coming in the future for the Bay Area, our White Sticker will be a huge savings and help.

    "Mr. Roadshow" is a column in the San Jose Mercury News. He quoted last week that both the Yellow and the White sticker will expire in 2011. This doesn't sound right to me. Almost all publications that I have searched for talk a lot about the Yellow Hybrid sticker, and most not at all about the White sticker. The following ARB web site shows the NGV vehicles, but really only talks about the Hybrid vehicles.

    The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) issues Clean Air Vehicle (CAV) decals that allow vehicles meeting specified emissions standards single occupancy use of High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV or carpool) lanes. CARB establishes the official list of eligible vehicles based upon vehicle emissions.

    So again, my question is does the White sticker expire like the Yellow Hybrid sticker? Where exactly can you find GOOD information on the White sticker? Thanks for your info.


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    Re: Expiration on White HOV Carpool Stickers?

    Both end in 2011 unless the program gets extended. Hopefully only the Alt fuel vehicles will get extended.


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      Re: Expiration on White HOV Carpool Stickers?

      I doubt the yellow stickers will get extended, as there will be no money behind doing so. (Toyota isn't going to sell any new prius' by them extending it, unless they loosen the cap). The white stickers will almost certainly get extended, BECAUSE honda will still be making money from it.
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        Re: Expiration on White HOV Carpool Stickers?

        First, the 'stickers' don't expire, the law allowing stickered cars in HOV lanes is scheduled to. They will still be good for free parking at some city meters (woo-hoo).

        Second, just as all those Prius owners had enough clout to get Federal and state law changed to get them into the carpool lane, they won't just sit there and watch them (and a couple thousand $ of car value) expire. I predict the legislature will extend the program.
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          Re: Expiration on White HOV Carpool Stickers?

          We look for many of the existing incentives to be continued beyond their current Sunset dates. Logically, incentives for AFV's is the only way to come close to reaching the reductions in oil consumption outlines in the 1992 Energy Act. I think we'll continue to see new programs to come available to entice various quarters.

          Incentives like the HOV access program has already been extended, and most likely will again. Whether Hybrids make it back into the HOV lane depends on a number of factors, not the least of which is congestion in those lanes.

          The state rebate has exceeded it's original dollar allocation and is awaiting additional infusions of funds to keep it going throughout it's stated life. We can only hope to see lots of additional monies made available for it. Indications I get are that this will be the case.

          So, no doom & gloom. I think we'll be driving the "yellow brick road" for some time to come.