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2000 Arizona Chevy EPA certified?

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  • 2000 Arizona Chevy EPA certified?

    I purchased a 2000 Chevy Silverado from Arizona about a year ago. It runs on gas and natural gas. Judging by a sticker under the hood it was converted by AZ Star prior to being delivered to the original customer. It uses an ECO fuel system. I have tried contacting AZ Star several times without success. Does anyone have any idea how to tell if my truck is EPA certified? If so, is there any documentation that I could use to prove it?


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    Re: 2000 Arizona Chevy EPA certified?

    does the sticker under the hood indicate a kit number or anything? You might be able to contact ECO about it. Odds are, it is not 'EPA certified', but was EPA allowed. The rules were a bit different in 2000. In an effort to encourage an increase in conversions performed, you could build/install a conversion that you could make a 'reasonable basis' that it would improve emmissions. There was no certification process required. This was changed a year or two later, when the EPA realized that the program actually worked, and more 'uncertified' (read: 'untaxed') CNG vehicles were actually hitting the roads. Obviously, you can understand why they wouldn't want that, so they changed the rules to 'certified only'. You have to understand though, they've got slush funds to support, so really, it was the best decision for all (read: them).

    In reality, the old conversions done during this rule SHOULD be grandfathered in. The sad thing is, you would be breaking the law to put that kit on the exact same 2000 vehicle today, even though it has 8 years of proven success behind it.
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      Re: 2000 Arizona Chevy EPA certified?

      As long as it has the sticker showing when it was done, only the rules that applied at the time are valid.
      If you converted it today, today's rules would apply.
      Dave Clement


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        Re: 2000 Arizona Chevy EPA certified?

        Thanks for the helpful information. This is all good to know. The kit number is listed. I will try calling Eco and possibly the dealership.