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  • General Questions / Considering the GX

    Been all over this forum soaking up CNG info, but thought I put a few questions together into one post. Too bad the Civic is the only CNG factory car available, would be nice to see a factory Fusion or a Malibu, or a small SUV (like the CRV) anyone know of any new models that will be available soon?

    Has the price of CNG paralleled the cost of Nat Gas, or Gasoline, or both? I'm thinking about how diesel is now more than gasoline and could this happen with CNG. ie, could Gas go to $5 and CNG go to $4. or even the other way, down to $1?

    Is there a way to find out if new stations will be opening? I live 6mi from the SDGE in Carlsbad & it would be bad if they closed or were unreliable because the next station is 20mi away.

    How long does it take to fill up from empty? Seems some say 5min, but others say longer. Does it depend on the temp or ?.

    Seems the Phill is too costly to justify the purchase, plus I rent my house & would not want to install one. Also, I read the Phill has been costly to repair just out of warranty. Is there any competition coming soon?

    Cost of the Civic GX, do they sell at sticker in S.Cal? More or less? What is the latest on the Fed & State Tax credits (or writeoffs)? Are they for sure, or a "maybe" after purchase? What is the expected out the door cost, all considered?

    Regarding the HOV lanes, do you need a sticker, like the Prius, or is the "CNG" sticker enough for the privilege? If a sticker is needed, are they available in CA? or are they all issued (if the same as the Hybrid).

    Thanks much !
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    Re: General Questions / Considering the GX

    The answers to all of your questions are here somewhere. Quick answers:

    No competition to fuelmaker or new car models coming that we know of.

    Natural Gas has been going up and down with gasoline. When it spiked a few years ago it might have gotten as expensive as gasoline for a month at some stations but then it went back down. Most gas is supplied on long-term contracts so most suppliers are not subject to short-term spot price spikes.

    Carlsbad SDGE is very reliable in my experience. It takes about 3 minutes to fill a GX from empty. New stations seem to pop-up with little notice. I wouldn't expect many in San Diego since a regulated utility covers the area reasonably well.

    GXs have been selling over sticker but since Galpin Honda has so many I expect they might be selling close to or at sticker.

    You need special HOV lane stickers which are available from the DMV. Only certain CNG cars qualify. The GX does, Bi-fuel and conversions don't (but also have blue stickers).
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      Re: General Questions / Considering the GX

      Funny you should mention the Malibu. See website below:

      John, I don't want to still your thunder, but these cars will be available soon. Ford and GM have expressed interest in returning to CNG as an alternative fuel.
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        We are certifying with EPA the Impala, not Malibu although that platform is essentially prototyped and ready to certify if we have enough interest.

        No plan at this point to pursue CARB certification so our opening poster in San Diego could not get a CNG Impala anyway. (California requires conversion companies to run up a test vehicle on expensive dynamometer machines to 120,000 miles as part of the process... to costly and time consuming for most).


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          Re: NaturalDrive

          Buyers in Ca will have to settle for a used Impala. DMV rules say that only a second owner of a car over 7500 mi can bring it into state.


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            Re: General Questions / Considering the GX

            Hi Curtis

            Check your smog tech's Inspection Handbook. From the '06 (and there is suppose to be a new version out), section 2.7.4 vehicles with less than 7,500 miles AND less than 3 years old, if they pass the full smog test, should be issued a certificate of Non-compliance. The way the SMOG courses are taught, you can bring in a vehicle with less than above (a federal certified car) and there will be no problem if you have a good reason (i.e., job change, wreck you truck and have to pull your trailer home). The point being is that someone does not buy an non-calif vehicle to avoid Calif SMOG requirements and try to bring it into the state..
            This can get you into the state with the original owner. Be careful the owner of the vehicle has to fill out the Certificate of non-compliance and mail it into ARB and they decide if it a valid reason.

            I also believe a big majority of the new vehicles are 50 state cars. The emission label will state "federal and calif." emission requirements. If that is the case no problem bringing it into the state. If the vehicle is like the "Rousch propane" pickup from Ford the emission label states words to effect it can't be sold in Calif. If some attempted to register the LP Ford in Calif, it would probably require a referee action and they may or may not pass the vehicle. I have seen the referee deny EPA approved conversions on vehicles trying to be registered in Calif. Depends how sharp the referee is.

            I hope this info helps.



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              Re: General Questions / Considering the GX

              Thanks for elaborating for us, Larry. I guess Sacramento gave me the Readers Digest version.


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                Re: General Questions / Considering the GX

                Fill up time can also depend on if 2 buses just filled up before you, in which case it might only take you 30 secs to fill and you might only get 1500psi

                But if they got good pressure even a 9.2 GGE tank was under 5 mins for me