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    Hello all, Question for the forum is i live in sw Fl. and need to get certified to install cng conversions. Anyone have any suggestions

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    Re: ase certification

    Hello Enrgyconv,

    Other than the ASE-F1 exam, there is no 'certification' for converters. And that's not really a certification as much as a testiment to basic knowledge in a given subject area. (I know, I helped write it.)

    Some individual manufacturers offer training and certification on their systems but that's a hard way to learn. (Who wants to to to Milton, WI in the dead of winter?)

    There is one ANSI approved program for certification for CNG Cylinder Inspectors

    If you're going to take the ASE exam, there is a study guide offered by Motore Age
    (see: but it's a little dated (I know, I wrote it).

    You'd do as well to get the latest copy of NFPA-52 and study it closely.

    Traviss Tech. College in FL used to have an alt. fuel program, you might check with Charlie Sanders 941-499-2700, ext. 227 or email: [email protected] but I'm not sure if he's still there,

    Hope this helps and keep me posted.

    Best regards,