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  • carbon footprint

    why does the honda gx have a bigger carbon footprint than the prius ? (5.4 versus 4.0)

    i thought nat gas was the cleanest way to propel a vehicle ??

    thanks !

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    Re: carbon footprint

    As far as green house gases are concerned, you will also want to consider CO, HC, and NOx. Burning natural gas produces less CO, HC and NOx than burning gasoline.


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      Re: carbon footprint

      There is a big difference between being "clean" meaning not polluting, and "green" which has come to mean low carbon emmisions. The Civic GX is the 'cleanest' car on the road, because smog production is virtually 0. I think as far as particulate pollution, the GX actually filters the air. :-) As for 'green'.. I guess your best bet is to ride a bicycle or walk... as long as you sequester your exhalant.
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        Re: carbon footprint

        Mileage is the key factor in 'carbon footprint.' CNG puts out 20% less CO2 compared to a vehicle of comparable mileage. But, if a Prius is rated at 45mpg and a GX gets 30mpgge, the Prius wins the CO2 per mile battle.
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          Re: carbon footprint

          Wait until EPA mandates (2010 models) the use of the new EPA mileage and pollution tests.
          All the 2008 and 2009s are ESTIMATES using the old tesing methods which, by the way, are very generous to Hybrids and especially the Pious. (Pious is stolen from South Park)

          Hint: For most of the old test the Prius only uses it's electrical engine.