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Needed: Spec questions for the EPA

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  • Needed: Spec questions for the EPA

    I think I am finally getting the attention of some people who have the authority to give us an unvarnished response using action verbs (as much as can be expected) with regard to what we can and cannot do legally with regard to CNG conversions, particularly in the case of pre-OBDII cars and light trucks. What I need now is a very clear list of specific, on-topic, technical questions that all of us want answered.

    Here are mine for an example:

    The EPA regulations are very unclear about what parts can be used on a pre-ODBII conversion. Are we still constrained to use only conversion kits that were previously approved, or is it permissible to use another kit if the result delivers the emissions signature required of the vehicle at the time of its manufacture?

    How many older vehicles can a given garage convert per year without being considered a small volume manufacturer?

    You have until 5 August 2008 to get your questions into this thread. Please be as specific as possible. I am doing this through my congressman's office--they are lawyers who will be talking to government bureaucrats, so we need to keep the language precise. Anyone who can quote chapter and verse from the regs would be greatly appreciated for doing so.



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    Re: Needed: Spec questions for the EPA

    I just bought a 1992 Ford Ranger with CNG conversion. It was converted by the fleet using GFI components. The cylinder has no expiration date. Is this conversion legal today? May I use generic, non-GFI components to rehabilitate the system? Is it legal to convert another 1992 Ranger using the same system setup?

    Thank you for sharing this effort. Pre-OBD vehicles is the only affordable way to promote CNG. It must be legal.


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      Re: Needed: Spec questions for the EPA

      Thanks, Dmitry.

      Last call for questions for the EPA! Everybody who wondered what was up with Big Brother is Watching needs to speak up now. I have no idea how long this opening is going to last, and I will send in on Friday.



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        Re: Needed: Spec questions for the EPA

        I have 2 questions, First, where specifically does it show that an Individual installing a cng kit on their car, any year, is breaking the law if the car still runs clean and in the case of OBDII all the readiness codes are set and no MIL light on. Second, why is there a disconnect between the government wanting CNG then the government making it almost impossible to legally convert to CNG? Jim
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        Jim Younkin


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          Re: Needed: Spec questions for the EPA


          I will definitely ask the first question.

          As for the second, don't you think that one's a little too metaphysical for the present situation? How can we treat an entity (the federal government) made up of so many smaller entities, each of them filled with human beings, as a single monolithic source of only one opinion and still call ourselves a republic? there are only two ways to get a one man one vote system, and the one we're in now is definitely preferable....

          If you want to talk about this some more, let me know and we can start a thread in The Lounge.

          Thank you for your questions. I will definitely add the first one to the list when I write in tomorrow afternoon.



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            Re: Needed: Spec questions for the EPA

            I will try to make the second question more specific but I think you got the point? Jim
            Jim Younkin