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Considering purchasing a used CNG vehicle

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  • Considering purchasing a used CNG vehicle

    Hello, I was very happy to find this site. I am JB, I live in the KC Metro area and considering purchasing a used 1998 Ford Contour CNG vehicle. I am trying to learn as much as I can in the next 24 hours and thought I would be brave and search here for any helpful hints. This is the first posting I have done in my life, so be kind if I am breaking some unknown rules. The car has a 2.0 ltr engine from what I can tell. Any helpful hints?

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    Re: Considering purchasing a used CNG vehicle

    Welcome to the group. I would suggest reading everything in the Ford forum that pertains to the car you're interested in and scan other area's of interest. You can't get through this site in 24 hrs... I doubt you could do it in a month with the amount of info compiled here now. That will get you started and keep you in the area most relevant to your inquirey. Remember, try and post questions in the appropriate forums so that people can find your question and respond.


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      Re: Considering purchasing a used CNG vehicle

      We own a 2000 Ford Contour and previously owned a 1999. Some people do not like the Contour because of reported Compuvalve and transmission problems but we personally have not had any problems (knock on wood). We chose the Contour over the Cavalier because of its interior and trunk space, but the Cavalier is supposed to be a good, reliable car.


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        Re: Considering purchasing a used CNG vehicle


        The only 'rule' you've 'broken' is not finding the appropriate 'thread' (discussion) to start your question in. If you look at the 'thread' page you'll see main headings and there are subheadings below those. There are discussions about fueling stations that are subdivided into regions and then into states. There are also discussions about each brand and model of car. This probably would have been better in one of the Ford Contour discussions.

        We have 2 Hondas and a Cavalier. One dealer has sworn off selling Contours because his customers have had many problems with them. So, either you're lucky or he's unlucky. A friend of ours has a Contour and it's been fine.
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