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The Pickens Plan!

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  • The Pickens Plan!

    Take a look at this guy's plan!

    I love it because he includes NGV as an important part of the plan but it seems very well balanced all the way around. I keep seeing "The Pickens Plan" commercials on CNN and MSNBC they must be spending a large chunk of cash alone just to advertise.

    I look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts.


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    Re: The Pickens Plan!

    ?Innovation is driven by having access to things.? -- Gleb Budman, CEO of


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      T. Boon's commercials

      Has anyone seen the commercials on TV by T. Boon Pickens? This is the guy that is building a 3,600 acre wind farm in Texas. He believes that we should replace all the natural gas power plants with wind and solar and take all that natural gas and run cars on it. He has numbers to substantial that this shift from gasoline to natural gas (like 25%) will eliminate our need for middle east oil (I'm over simplifying). This guy could be the biggest thing to hit cng autos. He is connected, very rich and he makes a good case.

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        As there is already a discussion going on re this Plan I will close this and ask others to chime in over here: