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  • Cross country question

    We are in the proccess of purchasing our first CNG vehicle. My husband travels 100+miles per day for work so we're really excited about our fuel savings. My question is, "How convienient is it to travel cross country in a CNG vehicle?" We travel from OK to WI and MI frequently. I would be interested in hearing what people think.

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    Re: Cross country question

    You cannot tour the country on CNG unless you have a trailer with huundreds of gallons of CNG behind you. That will not happen, so your best alternative is a bi-fule vehicle. You will have to run on some gasoline. However, if you are strategic you can maximize your ability to run on cng by hitting the few site possibliblt available to yiou in WI and MI. Under helpful links on this page you can click fueling station map and get all the help you need for locating stations.