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Are We All Killing A Great Idea?

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    Re: Are We All Killing A Great Idea?

    Originally posted by mecklen View Post
    I'm very concerned as I read posts focusing on price per gge as the motivating factor. Prices change, economics change. If that's your reason for being here, you might be gone next week/month/year. Factors like geopolitics and the environment tend to be longer lasting, more stable issues.
    TBH Mecklen, most people could honestly care less about those reasons. The bottom line is the most important factor in almost all decisions made by the average american, followed closely by ease and convenience.

    Sure, if there is an option that costs the same, or less, is just as easy to use, but is better for the environment, it will be used, but if the higher priority things are there, the decision making process won't even GET to the environment.

    I, for instance, bought my first CNG car a few years ago. Not for environmental reasons (priority 3). It wasn't even for the cost (priority 1). At the time, I was commuting 65 miles each way to work, in LA rush hour, and the CNG car got me the carpool stickers. This gave it HUGE points in convenience (priority 2).

    Fast forward to earlier this year. CNG is a lot cheaper than gasoline. My wife bought a bi-fuel Expedition. Again, environmentalism wasn't a reason (it's not really much cleaner than the Impala she had been driving). She got it because it was the only economical way she could get justify getting an SUV (her driving costs with the CNG expedition are about the same as they were with her gasoline impala). It also helped in the convenience, because it has gotten us to the point where it is cost effective to go with home refueling. But, like I'd point out, clean air was not the issue.
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      Re: Are We All Killing A Great Idea?

      You are right,
      most people follow the money. Economics is why I am looking at CNV.
      I now have to figure out how long I need to keep my car to get my investment out of it.

      Until it is economical to convert to CNG most people will not do it.


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        Re: Are We All Killing A Great Idea?

        Originally posted by younkin View Post
        I am sure a few people will remember gas when it was $.19 a gallon. In 1968 I was paying that in Rigby Id as I filled up my Pea Green 49 Chevy Deluxe (it blew up later and I gave it to Joe Buzzards Junkyard in Pocatello but that is another story)
        The gas is high and it will go higher. Does it put a strain on everyone? Most everyone but some of us will find alternatives, better MPG's, Motorcycles, AFV's, bicycles and Electric Cars. The market will correct and someone will help us find a cheaper way to drive and some of us may stop driving all together. We Americans are very inovative and we always come out on top in the end, I choose to remain positive, Jim
        I heard someone say "the Stone age did not end because we ran out of Stones"


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          Re: Are We All Killing A Great Idea?

          As soon as something is not Economically Viable anymore it will go the way of the Stone Age, I have talked to others from New Zealand, Australia and Argentina that have used CNG and Propane their whole lives, in the US we are facing that choice now, our children and grandchildren may not even know what Unleaded Gas is? Jim
          Jim Younkin


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            Re: Are We All Killing A Great Idea?

            You raise interesting and valid points. Why hasn't Chrysler moved its Powerbox (CNG SUV hybrid) to the factory floor already? Me? As soon as I can locate CNG service for a Civic GX in Atlanta, I'm buying one. My commute is 115 miles/M-F. The payoff at $3.50 was $18k over 5 years (with me driving the GX and wifey parking the SUV and commuting in the Stratus instead), and that doesn't even take tax credits into consideration. Another reason that justifies the GX at any cost: today our concern is gas PRICE. Tomorrow our concern may be gas AVAILABILITY at any price. With a CNG vehicle, you get a better price and a more secure energy source.

            So...anyone got a lead on Mr. CNGoodwrench in Atlanta?


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              Re: Are We All Killing A Great Idea?

              Here are your local GX authorized dealers in the Atlanta area.

              Nalley Honda
              4197 Jonesboro Rd
              Union City, GA 30291
              7.8 miles away

              Curry Honda
              5525 Peachtree Industrial Blvd
              Chamblee, GA 30341
              19.0 miles away

              I hope this helps. As they are "Fleet Only" dealers they should have techs on staff.


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                Re: Are We All Killing A Great Idea?

                Thank you, Curtis. I called Nalley (closest to me), and they indicated they have certified staff on hand. They service the City of Atlanta's GX fleet. The service advisor I spoke with said service for consumers was no problem. He then transferred me to internet sales, and they are researching their ability to bring a GX to the dealership for me. (might as well give them the business...they'll be servicing it...and this spares me a major logistical problem)

                Can you give me some details on the compressor I need? I don't like what I've read about the Phil. Will the FMQ2-36 be ok? What type of nozzle should I request when I purchase it? Also, when it's installed, should I have the technicians place a filter between my home service and the compressor? If so, can you recommend a filter? It seems to me that the compressor and the car will benefit over the long haul if the NG is pre-filtered.

                Any other advice you have would be appreciated. You need not worry about insulting my intelligence...I'm way down on the learning curve.

                Oh yeah...they asked how I found out about them. Gave you some cred on the contact.
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                  Re: Are We All Killing A Great Idea?

                  I'm not sure what compressor you need unless I know your driving habits. In general, the ups and downs of the various options are listed in the refueling forum and it would be inappropriate to get into that discussion outside the propper forum. I would do s search for FMQ2-36 and review the info already posted on that unit. Additional filterinfg is not needed if you're not on well gas. Repost the question there if you can't find the answers you need.what you need.