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  • hello im the noob

    been searching around the site, probly not well enough, i promise with practice i will learn to find my way around. just wondr'n when my tanks do expire in Utah, what happens? do the cng police come and cuff me and impound the truck? do I get an inspection of some sort and get an ok for another few year? what?

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    Re: hello im the noob

    No one is going to NAB you as far as I know.

    However, you'll do a search on "certification" on tanks, and from what I read there is no such thing as re-certification for tanks. Once is a tank is expired it is to be discarded and replaced. From what I understood we may see the tank expiration as a part of requirment when inspection/emissions are due.

    Those tanks have an expiration for a reason; they certainly undergo a signifigant amount of stress over years from constant depressurization and pressurization. I've heard that tanks can eventually explode when the metal has signifigantly reduced in strength (hence the expiration).

    I know I'm not pushing my luck, I don't want to die!