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    I have a question about Testing of stationary storage cylinders tubing, which method do you use to test the leackages and strength of tubing? Our work pressure is lower than 250bar, we tested both methodes Pneumatic & Hydrotest, but for more information I want to know about european countries test mehodes, please tell me about your reference standard and the specification of your tests on this subject. and the other question is, do you use Teflon tape (PTFE) in treading joint of cylinder and ints Valve?

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    Re: CNG Equipment Inspection

    I always use 3 wraps of Teflon tape then loc tite pst Teflon pipe joint compound on all pipe thread connections. As for plumbing all seamless stainless steel tubing 304, 316 wall thickness depends on storage pressure.
    here is a good reference.
    Inspections are all visual. We only used compressed pipeline quality gas
    and stored in ASME vessels Mfg. by CPI
    all inspections visual. Test for PRDs annual.