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  • Sprinter retro

    Hello everybody, have a 06 sprinter, interested in cng power. Is there a way or place to install the technology on a diesel engine not installed from factory.
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Sprinter retro

    OK, help me out... I think the cng wasn't installed by the factory... or was it the deisel? If it's the cng, there are a bunch of places that can add cng injection to your deisel engine. It's kinda like nitrous gor gasoline. If you're wondering about converting deisel to cng, that's a whole other situation. For one, deisel ignites under pressure, whereas cng doesn't. You would have to replace the heads, or have spark plugs installed in order to get ignition. There are companies out there doing just that, however, I believe that the retrofits are expensive, experimental, extremely limited on what vehicles they were developed for and possibly not legal, depending on where you live.

    Most of this stuff is being developed for heavy equipment. The injection thing is fun though. Shore gives that old tired deisel a kick in the pants. Lots of horsepower and torque. I'm not sure how long the engine will hold together though. Sure would be fun while it lasted!


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      Re: Sprinter retro

      Check out the thread EPA Certified Conversion Kits in The File Library forum.
      Jared has posted a file showing all of the current vehicles that can be converted with off-the-shelf kits out there.