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First GX in Alaska since 01, need someone to check my numbers

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  • First GX in Alaska since 01, need someone to check my numbers

    Planning on ordering a GX this week, these blogs have been great. This will be the first GX sold in Alaska in seven years, about time we got back on the CNG wagon.

    When I was working for a oil company up here a few years ago we had a CNG station for a few years and it was an economic disaster. Sold the the cascade system to Trillian as is where is. That was the only public station in Alaska. With unleaded at 4.30 gal I think I can make CNG work for my daily commuter.

    The way I see the cost...

    I drive my civic 40,000 a year /35 mpg X $4.30 gal = $4,914 in gasoline

    Natural Gas is $.87 per ccf = 1.08 gge + .20 elect + .18 service cost FMQ 2-36.

    All in w/o purchase cost of FMQ2-36 = $1.46 gge

    CNG civic 40,000 a year/ 33 mpg X $1.46 gge = $1,769 in natural gas.

    Is this math good ??

    How do GX's work in cold weather ?

    Any other advice for a first timer who's only way to fuel will be at home. The only other place to get fuel except Gov an old place that fills boat tanks with 3000 psi

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    Re: First GX in Alaska since 01, need someone to check my numbers

    Originally posted by Alaska GX View Post
    .18 service cost FMQ 2-36.
    I think you're in the ballpark... but I'd bump up the .18 service cost, but that specific amount depends upon what it would cost for the compressor refurb. In AZ, current cost is about $1000 (that's .28/EGG for the 3600 you'll get) and to be safe you may want to add some more for OTHER maintenance. I just had my fill valve replaced and the cost was OVER $700 (replacement due to a small leak coming out of the vent port; I'm the original owner of this FM2-36 and it has just under 7000 hours on it, original build was 3K, and I'm almost thru the 4K since the first compressor refurb)

    Then there is the discussion about the capital cost of the fuelmaker... you'll see both extremes in this discussion group, people that don't consider the cost at all and those that have you amortize it over a short period, like you might need to do with a Phill. My personal bias is that you should look at the opportunity cost and that depends on how you pay for it. E.g., if you need to borrow money to pay for the fuelmaker, it's fair to add in the interest cost; if you're taking money out of a money market account to pay for it, you know what the lost interest for that would be, etc.
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