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Light duty CNG Vehicle training course!

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  • maxman
    Re: Light duty CNG Vehicle training course!

    What I posted was just the cut and paste from the flyer that I was able to figure out.There was an attachment with a synopsis of the course. It looked pretty involved, but who knows? The group sponsoring it is the clean cities folks, a government agency, in Salt Lake City. The people presenting it is a an alternate fuels consortium(sp?). I don't have anything to do with the group. It was just forwarded to me by my son who'd received it. In the attachment, it states that once you complete the course, you are connected up directly with CNG conversion kit manufacturers to obtain kits for installation.
    Is this the magic decoder ring spoken of in other posts?

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  • freedml
    Re: Light duty CNG Vehicle training course!

    A FIVE day course! That has to be at least 4 days of wasted time.

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  • maxman
    started a topic Light duty CNG Vehicle training course!

    Light duty CNG Vehicle training course!

    There is a training course coming up in Salt Lake City. The information was sent to me by my son who is associated with the clean cities folks. I'll just copy and post the information below. (I posted this earlier, but I either can't remember where it was posted or else it was removed for some reason)

    Light Duty Natural Gas Vehicles and CNG Cylinder Inspection Course Training

    If you are interested in joining the most exciting and growing industry in Utah and want to be among the few professionals learning about natural gas vehicle conversions and CNG cylinder tank inspection, join us for 5 days of intensive training using EPA certified equipment.

    50% hands on training in the shop

    50% classroom training

    Date available

    July 7-11, 2008 or July 14-18, 2008

    Location: Semi-Service, 1111 South 300 West, Salt Lake City , UT

    National Alternative Vehicle Training Consortium from West Virginia together with Utah Clean Cities Coalition invites you to register for this training today.

    Attached to this registration form is the 5 day training outline along with the biography of the certified trainer, Nick Wagoner.

    Please send $100 to reserve your spot, once we have confirmation we will send you the agenda, location and time payable to

    Utah Clean Cities Coalition.

    A full week of training is $1700.00 to be paid in full by June 20th scholarships are available at:

    If you are interested in taking the CNG cylinder inspector certification examination, please enclose $150 non-refundable fee.

    (Required for the scholarships)

    &nb sp;

    Robin Erickson

    Director, Utah Clean Cities Coalition

    City and County Building

    451 South State Street Room 345

    Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

    Office: 801-535-7736 cell phone: 801-381-7691
    fax: 801-535-6331

    [email protected]