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The Red Hen and Chicken Little........

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  • The Red Hen and Chicken Little........

    We all know the story of the Little Red Hen, she did all of the work while all of the others played. Well let me tell you about Chicken Little, he saw danger everywhere, to him the sky was falling but was it really? Well my journey through CNG Conversions has had a similiar story line, there are Little Red CNG Hens, they have went about their business, training, converting, buying, talking to other like minded CNG Hens and when the time is right they will be able to bake bread or make bread from converting vehicles to CNG. Now there are other CNG Chicken Littles who see danger everywhere, Rules, Certifications, Exploding tanks, higher CNG Prices, etc. Some of this may be true but I choose not to hide in the corner, covering my eyes and crying for help, I choose to train, buy, convert and make some bread, who is with me?

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    Re: The Red Hen and Chicken Little........

    I wish you luck, but I am personally waiting for auto manufacturers to wake up and start building CNG and LPG cars. The expertise is there, judging from other countries markets. When it comes to choosing between makeshift conversion and a dedicated OEM models, I choose the later.

    But of course, it's a chicken and egg thing. They are waiting for market to be ripe, and this is where guys like you kick in.

    Can you make money on it? I sure think you can. For example I work for a resort, we have about 10 company vehicles, and our own LPG dispenser on site. So instead of buying petrol, we could be running off LPG, which is last time I checked $2.47 for bulk deliveries. I can't wait for somebody like you to show up in the general manager's office and tell him: that 1) it's cheaper, 2) it's cleaner, 3) it's safe, and sign a long-term installation and maintenance contract.

    So if you consider individuals vs. fleets, in my opinion fleets are a better - for them it's a game of numbers. For individuals, well I don't know. I still see the humongous SUVs all over, so I guess people don't really mind the gas prices.


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      Re: The Red Hen and Chicken Little........

      I have found that if a demand is there other people will always find a way to fill it. In other countrys where the gas price is high you either use Propane or Natural Gas, in those places unleaded is just not an option, they have priced themselves out of the market, this may be the US a few years from now. This is occurring as a result of us not putting into place safeguards, now we pay the price or not drive our cars. Everyone blames the BIG OIL Companies for high prices, I blame bureaucrats, regulators, tree-huggers, Earth Worshipers and Politicians. If you asked me why I feel this way it would take longer than we have on this Forum to explain. The bottom line is that for now people want relief and the relief they percieve is CNG Vehicles.