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EPA Approval

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  • EPA Approval

    I read that the EPA restrictions aren't in force for 1993 and earlier cars. Since I can't afford a newer nicer approved cng car, can I just bypass the EPA, get a '93 Honda Accord with less that 100,000 miles on it, and get a conversion kit from somewhere (like ********.com) with a safe filament wound composite tank and call it a day.

    In the Utah forum, they said the service stations are going to stop passing cng cars for the emissions test unless they have the EPA/CARB certifications. Does that mean they won't pass my '93 Accord or whatever?

    If it's not 1993, what year is it? What do I need to do to prove that it is not under regulations? Anyone know the reference where I can get this info?

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    Re: EPA Approval

    Hi greglovescng,
    I see you have posted the same question over in the Utah forum

    ... so I will close this one.