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Will New NGV2 Standards effect Us?

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  • Will New NGV2 Standards effect Us?

    Just got this and it made me wonder if this will effect ngv owners where tank life is concerned, or is this strictly for future tanks? I read it as tanks to be built rather than longer shelf life for existing tanks, correct?

    Source - NGVAmerica
    Friday, 06 June 2008 USA
    The 2007 version of NGV2, American National Standard for Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Fuel Containers, is now available from CSA America. Major changes since the 2000 edition include:
    • a new definition of “service pressure,”
    • allowance for maximum container service life up to 25 years,
    • specifying that containers should tolerate up to 2.0% hydrogen in natural gas,
    • changing the Ambient Cycling test minimum failure requirement to 750 times the container service life in years rather than 750 times the design life with a minimum of 11,250 cycles for all containers, and
    • requiring that the container fail by leakage in the Leak-Before-Break pressure cycling test or exceed 2250 times the design life in cycles rather than 45,000 cycles.

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    Re: Will New NGV2 Standards effect Us?

    Curtis et al,

    The changes are directed primarily at the cylinder manufacturers’. The allowance for 25 yr life is a good thing. Service pressure definitions are semantics, as are the cycling requirements.

    So, the main provisions that would affect the end user remain the same. Visual inspection every 3 yrs, etc. are still in there.