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Utah CNG co-op?

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  • Utah CNG co-op?

    There would be no point right now, but when our 64-cent "scam" gets taken away (and it will) has anybody thought about forming a Co-op?

    We could build 2 or 3 small refuelling stations, charge ourselves a cheap price using Co-op issued cards, and let the general public use credit cards for an upcharge. 10 cents per gallon or so.

    Just looking toward the future. Maybe one in the Ogden area, a couple in the SL valley, and one down in Utah county. Near freeway ramps.

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    Re: Utah CNG co-op?

    I like it, but I have to say the most people drive CNG because they don't have money, not because they want to save the planet.


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      Re: Utah CNG co-op?

      Money is certainly an issue. In the long run, though, the combination of increased demand and a need to upgrade the infrastructure is going to cause a BIG increase in pump prices. The good news is that more demand means more people to buy into a Co-Op.

      The Biodiesel folks already made this work. It's certainly do-able.

      Like I said, it'll be a while before it's meaningful. But the day will come.