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  • For what it's worth

    "Higher Gas Prices Affecting Boaters"

    High gas prices along with the steady economic downturn are affecting more than just drivers. They're hitting boaters hard, as well, as they pull their boats to lakes then use gas to run the motor.

    What if yall want to convert your boat? ...or some other type of off-road only vehicle on this board? How can you talk about it without constantly getting the "{reference to illegal product removed by moderators}" message at any time when you want discuss where to buy your kit for your off-road application? Are these kits REALLY illegal in ALL situations like even when not used on a public roadway for example? Are they still banned from discussion? If so, then how are you supposed to discuss where to get a conversion kit for your off-road application? So I can't talk about getting a kit from ********.com for example if I want to put it on my boat which will never be used anywhere the EPA even cares about? Please help! Surely not all non-EPA kits are "illegal products"? Is there any freedom in this country anymore? Are those kits REALLY generically against the law?

    If ok, can we have an uncensored sticky here where we list all of the conversion kit sources, where to buy the kits for OFF-ROAD ONLY vehicles? Like boats, ATVs, jetskis, off-road Jeeps and other 4x4s, etc.

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    Re: For what it's worth

    Putting a CNG setup on a jetski is like saying I'm putting a CNG kit on my son's bigwheel. Although you may honestly be considering it no one truly believes that is your intent (my opinion at least) What I truly think is you are trying to evade the restrictions placed on this forum from discussing it. I've done some weird things with CNG but never a boat or never a so called "off road only vehicle" I would guarantee you would have the worlds only boat that ran on CNG. Not trying to hold you back it's this out of the box thinking that will push and promote this technology.

    As a moderator I do not want to see it discuss openly because of the potential liability it causes if we allowed open discussion to happen and possibly a lot of mis information to be passed uncheck. i.e. A how to blow yourself up for dummies manual.

    As a business man in the CNG niche I want everyone to have a good experience with CNG. Last thing we need in this industry is some negativity to hinder it's progress. The government by the way would love it. If you have a good experience and not blow yourself up you will pass on to others that CNG is the way to go.

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      Re: For what it's worth

      Well, open discussion makes people smarter not dumber, and I believe would lessen likelihood of mishaps in my opinion. Why do you think the world has meetings and conference rooms? If we talk less then when people attempt things anyway, knowing less, then chance of accident goes up sharply.

      But I'm not even talking about that. I'm speaking of qualified professionals buying conversion kits that are non-EPA and non-CARB certified that can be purchased for install on boats and other craft intended for non-highway use. That's perfectly legal to discuss, right? So why not start a sticky where we keep a list of all the current aftermarket conversion kit companies and their website URLs, so that people can know where to inquire about them?


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        Re: For what it's worth

        Because thats not how most people would use the information and everyone knows it.
        Dave Clement


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          Re: For what it's worth

          Originally posted by cngaz View Post
          Because thats not how most people would use the information and everyone knows it.
          Dave, I agree. Chevy has sold a LOT of ZZ4 crate engines (high performance 350 cu in, 355 HP). These engines are sold as "off road use only." Something tells me that a few might have made their way onto the the highways.
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            Re: For what it's worth

            I have an off road rock crawler, and other offroad only vehicles. But yet here I am not allowed to mention what a perfect fit it would be. Because the tank is inside of the vehicle, instead of outside. (Giving me more Clearance, and I don't need a huge tank to drive the runs I make. So tell me why that isn't fair to talk about and don't give me your crap about my opinion is that it wouldn't be for "off road" (My opinion) Sorry to tell you moderators, people try to recreate more than you do!

            josch, I mentioned exactly what you are saying from your point of view and mine. And it is basicaly there rule. I was told to go find another forum or start my own. Soon enough these super powers that be will realize that they will have to bend in some fashion. Or loose members as I see it. But hey my opinion. I don't see any harm in there being controlled discussion, instead of no discussion.
            P.S. look at the reasons, John and Moderators are controlling the forum, then look past what they tell you, and you will see the truth. (My opinion)


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              Re: For what it's worth

              It's kind of like starting a discussion on how to obtain seeds and grow medical marijuana...

              An EPA / CARB crack-down on the illegal kits is inevitable, and this chat board is simply not going to caught up in its wake.