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Hydrogen Station for Burbank

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  • Hydrogen Station for Burbank

    While researching the demise of the Glendale facility I came across this document:

    It appears the good ole BP is going to be building and running a new Hydrogen facility in Burbank at the same location as the CNG station.

    I have read some of the posts regarding Clean Energy and still am amazed at the relative ease with which they have created a monopoly of California's CNG retail infrastructure. I would like to know what is the quid pro quo for city governments abdication of responsible energy management. With natural gas for sale in Utah at 64 cents/gal it is indefensible that the lowest rate to be found at a Clean Energy plant is $2.40/gal. Where is the "pony" for the public that forked out the monies to initially build the stations ? Why is it that the Glendale facility is now closed and won't open for "four to five years" if ever ?

    Surely there are other companies that should be allowed to bid on the operation on these plants. Why is it that BP is the only company being considered ? The oil giants have had their chance and they have screwed things up royally; They shouldn't be allowed to participate in the new green economy.

    Clean Energy must have contracts with these municipalities ? What are the terms ? Who is getting paid what ? When are their contracts up for renewal ?

    I would love to see Honda approach the problem and do it right.

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    Re: Hydrogen Station for Burbank

    CE generally has 10 year contracts that guarantee price of fuel to the cost of commodity for the fleet that supplies the land for the station and a guaranty minimum guarantied through through put.