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Gas War Profiteering is Killing Us All!

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  • Gas War Profiteering is Killing Us All!

    Carried over from WARNING: SLC buyers beware!!! :

    Wow, spoken just like a true used car salesmen or a CE exec.
    What was Robnholly thinking? Expecting integrity from a used car salesman, what rock have they been living under.
    Don't they read this forum, "Gas War Profiteering" is the order of the day, especially in Utah.

    And so we see a glimmer of light, the light at the end of the tunnel, the tunnel that leads to the beginning of the end!
    Wow, Deja Vu.

    Flashback to Arizona shortly after the fevered pitch and dull thud of Y2K, someone in the state legislature thought it would be a good idea to encourage Arizonans to use alternative fuels. Reduce tail pipe emmissions and clear the air so we could actually see our pristine desert landscape, sounds like an honorable intention. We'll give people a $10,000 dollar tax credit toward the purchase of alt fuel vehicles or the conversion of gasoline vehicles to run on alt fuels and we'll let them spread the tax credit out over 5 years. A $2,000 a year for 5 years tax "credit" sounds like a great idea. Oh No! says a genius state bean counter, it would "cost" too much to administer a program like that over a 5 year period. Let's just give them the whole tax break in one year, and if they don't make enough to defer thier taxes, we'll just write them a tax "rebate" check. That will work, besides not many people other than fleets, will take advantage of this, Right?

    Overnight, the price of an alt fuel vehicle or conversion kit jumped from a few thousand dollars to, you guessed it, $ 10,000.00. Every shade tree mechanic, gas fireplace installer and Joe off the street was suddenly in the conversion business and every car and truck dealer scrambled to buy every alt fuel vehicle, nationwide, for whatever it cost. The vultures were now circling, let the feeding frenzy begin!

    By the time the state woke up and smelled to coffee, those same bean counters estimated that the State of Arizona was about to be bled for about 1/2 a billion dollars(read: $500,000,000.00 that the state had not budgeted for). The program came to a screeeeching halt.
    By the time the dust settled, the state figured that the Grosscost (not a typo, but the name of one of the legislators responsible)was "only" $104,000,000.00. And the consumers were left with lots of dangerous, badly installed, non funtional conversion kits, that most have since been removed and scrapped.

    The few that remained working, at least once a year for emmissions testing, eventually were given alt fuel plates and a really cheap registration and the ability to drive solo in the carpool (HOV) lane. So a bi-fuel Hummer or Suburban, with a 4GGE tank in the back pays $36 a year for a clean air plate and gets to drive solo in the carpool lane while getting 8-10 MPG running gasoline.

    And there you have the story of "The Arizona Alternative Fuels Fiasco".

    Any of this ringing a bell?
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    Re: Gas War Profiteering is Killing Us All!

    Wow. I never heard that story. That's total LAME!
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      Re: Gas War Profiteering is Killing Us All!

      No, the totally lame part is that state legislators now consider it to be "political suicide" to even discuss alt fuel incentives. Except to give 10,000 hybrids, that burn gas on the highway, clean air plates so they can drive solo in the HOV lane(read: self-serving legislators drive hybrids to be PC).
      And once the DMV has taken back the clean air plates from bi-fuel vehicles(read: Hummers and Suburbans with a 4GGE tank driving 80MPH in the HOV lane) and removed the remaining evidence, the full plausible deniability campaign will kick in.
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        Re: Gas War Profiteering is Killing Us All!

        Great Story Telling, cnghal.

        Too bad it's all true. I've always been curious of what exactly happened in AZ.
        Didn't know about the 5 year, $2k per year, part. Now, what I knew, or thought I knew, makes sense.

        Did you see my thread on the Great State of Utah ordering 600 new E-85 vehicles?
        Only $12,000,000.00 and no E-85 pumps in sight... So, they will all run on - gasoline. Hopefully, not Premium.


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          Re: Gas War Profiteering is Killing Us All!

          Post note:
          We did have many faithfull CNG users in the 2000 bunch, at least 400 that put in home fueling. Quite a few Honda GX's were placed in the state over those almost 2 years too. Most people were sold by promises and pitchs made by the state of Arizona. Most did it for the right reasons.
          You know how they were treated? They were labeled by the governor and the news media as free loaders, their cars were keyed and many pulled their blue AFV plates and CNG stickers to avoid the attention.
          We still service many of these die hard natural gas faithfull 9 years later.
          They are still pumping their fuel at home, helping the environment and saying no to imported petroleum. They have walked through the fire for the right reasons. And thats one of the reasons we still have to this day 10,000 NGV's
          in Arizona ( If Utah doesn't buy them all up....) and close to 500 FuelMakers still in use. And these people, they are why we are in the business. The funny part was that most people in the state did not know about it until the Governor publicly said "Oh No!" and then put a stop date on it, so then everyone else tried to run down and get theirs before the deadline. Then just about every Legislator that voted for it was voted out at the next election.
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