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CNG Newbie. W/ lots of questions...

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  • CNG Newbie. W/ lots of questions...

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the Idea that a gasoline powered automobile could be converted to Natural Gas... and so far, I'm loving everything I read!

    I've read into other alternatives I.E. bio diesel, ethanol, electric, compressed air, etc... etc... However, non of these seem "economically viable" for me at this time.

    However, a natural gas conversion sounds like it could be!

    So here are my quick questions, and any info would help (even if you point me to somewhere else in these forums)

    I would love to setup my own filling station, and convert all my vehicles into duel gasoline/NG vehicles..

    Can I do this???

    I have natural gas run to my barn (and my house)

    I have a multitude of vehicles to convert.

    GMC Envoy
    Pontiac firebird
    Pontiac Bonneville
    Mazda Miata
    Mazda Millenia
    and a 1964 Cadillac Couple Deville

    I've also have a Generator that I would like to convert.

    Where should I look for kits (and do they make them for any/all of these cars) and where can I get a filling station.

    I would be sharing this setup with my Parents (my neighbors) and so we would be splitting the costs etc...

    I plan to do lots of research on this, but like with many other things, it's best to ask the experts first, (you guys) and then I'll have an idea of what my main focuses should be.

    no point in studying 20yr old technology that isn't even pertinent to todays updates!

    Thanks alot everyone! It is truly appreciated...

    BTW, I'm Derek AKA BigDReefer (A pleasantly large guy who loves his reef aquariums)

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    Re: CNG Newbie. W/ lots of questions...

    to answer your questions, can it be done? The answer is yes.

    First review this

    EPA certification is important. especially if you live in California.

    can you do it yourself? That will depend upon what you know and where you live. keeping things EPA certified will require some certification to work on your car. You have some high pressures to deal with and you must be very careful and not do any short cuts.

    Start with your generator its the only way to go. never have to fill the tank. Its easiest to do. The pressure , as I understand it, will be about 10 psi in the gas line and regulated down to about .5 psi. Check out You will not have the EPA certification to worry about, I believe, if its stationary.

    your older cars may benefit from the higher octane of methane if they have a high compression engine. No EPA certification. No smog stuff that you would be interfering with. No computer to interface with. I am not sure how you make them bi-fuel without a computer. You would have to tune it for each fuel.


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      Re: CNG Newbie. W/ lots of questions...

      Omnitek, out of San Diego sells conversion kits for stationary engines, these kits would be less expensive because they are not OBDII systems.

      Carburetors do not work well with bi-fuel CNC conversions. The seals in carburetors dry out when not being used. The older Cadillac may not be a good CNG conversion candidate.

      I have a contact in Atlanta, Georgia that has 3 each used C3 fuel makers for sale. They are rated at 1 gal per hour. They would probably cost around $2000 a piece plus shipping. The one I bought needed to be rebuilt. There is a good rebuilder in Salt Lake City that rebuild mine, named Rick Walton, 801-759-2761. Rick also sells used home fill units sometimes.

      If you want to install the CNG kits yourself you can contact us. We sell direct to the public. There are training classes in the evening to teach how to be safe with high pressure tubing and how to work with the CNG tanks. The classes are confidence builders to help you understand what all is involved. The classes are taught by Jeff Noorda. He is an engineer that works at Hill Field and has experience with high pressure systems. He is also a certified tank inspector. He also has done numerous multiport fuel injections CNG conversions. The classes are in the evenings and are $200 per person. Reservations are required. Kelly Woods can give you more info on classes if interested. His number is 801-678-6856.
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        Re: CNG Newbie. W/ lots of questions...

        Welcome to the forum.

        On the generator , I would try uscarb . I have a tri fuel (gasoline ,cng ,propane) generator from them, and they can sell you a kit for almost any generator or other stationary or portable equipment engine.

        May have a cng lawnmower someday .

        Dedicated kits work best, but the bi fuel and tri fuel are ok too.

        On the vehicles, search in the service and conversions threads.


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          Re: CNG Newbie. W/ lots of questions...

          The C3's are a one way ticket. No longer serviced by FuelMaker. Once it's dead, it's dead unless you can find a FM rep that has NOS parts to repair with. Not worth much these days for just that reason.


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            Re: CNG Newbie. W/ lots of questions...

            Thanks guys for all the info!

            I really could have used the CNG conversion on my genny, storms knocked out my power for a long time, and it would have been nice to run the generator and not have to worry about gasoline!

            I like the idea of having a bi/tri-fuel generator just in case one or more fuels run out...

            I'll look through the links you guys gave me and go from there.

            Thanks again,