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Couple Tank Questions:

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  • Couple Tank Questions:

    I am looking to expand the range of my car by:

    1-adding an additional tank or
    2-adding a bigger tank.

    I have a 2000 civic gx with a 6 gge tank, would it be better to do option 1 or 2? Also where in the SLC utah area does this type of replacement/addition for a reasonable price?


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    Re: Couple Tank Questions:

    Dear dearing,

    The Honda Civic has one of the most robust cylinder installations I've seen. Very well engineered and probably the strongest part of the vehicle. So, I wouldn't mess with the factory set up and look for space for another tank.

    That having been said, the only question regarding additional vs. bigger is where to put them.

    Coupla of considerations...

    The assembly must be able to withstand a force of 8x the wgt. of a full cylinder applied in any of the six principle directions (NPFA para. 6.3.4).

    It must be vented to the outside (not into a wheel well) para 6.4.1.

    It must be protected from road hazards, direct sunlight and exhaust heat; para.

    Finding inexpensive cylinders is a whole other subject. I'm not sure there are any.

    Good luck,

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