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I have a bone to pick!

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  • I have a bone to pick!

    Back in the day there were 5 message boards (2 on Edmonds and 3 on Yahoo) I could read ALL of the threads every day. With the success of this board I am lucky to read a quarter of them every evening. What don't you people have a @#$* life. My wife and children have informed me I don't and there is no way to keep up.

    My second bone of contention is in profiles Put where you are from on your profile (This means you newbies) you have a lot of people on this board that know WAY TO MUCH about this subject and can more easily help you if we know where you are located.

    One last observation, I have been surprised at the NGV insiders that I know that lurk on this board. I understand why they don't post or make them self's known. I don't know if I would if I was still in the station Businesses. It dose go to show that we are not being ignored.

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    Re: I have a bone to pick!

    yea, but are we looking like heroes for going the cng route or what? At least for now.


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      Re: I have a bone to pick!

      Mike, some valid enough observations to be sure.
      #1) No, we have no life... probably had no life before ngv's... definitely no life after.
      #2) As our numbers get to the point where we can start having an impact on the political and decision making process', we need to know where our numbers can have an impact, as they already have in several noteable instances. If we only have 2 people living in Maine, we probably wouldn't attempt to swing the politics of that state where our issues are concerned. Otherwise... we don't care where you live. We do not share anyone's info for any reason.
      #3) I dare say that the only ngv/cng insiders that don't monitor this site simply don't know about it yet. With this officially being the biggest and fastest growing contingent in terms of the consumer... The "players" out there would be kinda silly to ignore what's happening here. In fact, the smart one's are trying to figure out what to do with us. By the way, nice meeting you in Vegas.

      PS..... Honda..... Heeeeelllllllllooooooooooooo. Can ya hear me now? More cars please.


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        Re: I have a bone to pick!

        Yaaay Curtis!
        And I was thinking tonight....I saw a new 2-door Accord....very nice...even better if running on CNG....I bet Honda could sell at least 10,000 worldwide, at least 1,000 just for Utah, I bet Utah could easily swallow up the full production run of GXs next year....The word is definitly out in Utah....And does anyone really think gas will go back below 3$ ?? I dont but I know a lot of people that do.
        OK I am done with my rant...and I did enjoy hanging out with Mike and the compressors in Vegas!
        Can you hear us now Honda?
        Oh yeah and my station is back up (Hemet) cngprices wont come up, so Todd can make it red again at 2.194/gge, I can live with that.
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