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excess flow valve reset

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  • excess flow valve reset

    I was fooling around with the manual shutoff valve on the Honda GX to try to diagnose a problem. Long story short, now the valve is on, but the gauge reads zero and car won't crank (tank is 3/4 full). Anyone know if there is an excess flow valve that I might have tripped when reopening the manual shutoff? Where is it located and how do I reset it?

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    Re: excess flow valve reset

    That should have turned back on your fuel supply immediately. This is a common prectice and I've never heard of the fuel flow not returning once the valve is reopened. Just make sure you have the valve in the propper position. Try it the other way just for the heck of it... Something you,ve already tried I'll bet. If thet doesn't do it, you may try calling the nearest Honda dealer that services them. Depending on the year and mileage, it may be a warranty item.


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      Re: excess flow valve reset

      Update: I had an epiphany last night that I should try cycling the power. So after disconnecting and reconnecting the battery, all is well. Hmmm...

      I know it's the power cycling that did it because it was dead immediately before I tried. LOL about the valve Curtis; I actually read the small print on the handle. That's how desperate I was. Thanks for the reply.


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        Re: excess flow valve reset

        Now just hope it don't happen agian.
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