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    Re: Trip planner now available on

    Originally posted by bakaroma View Post
    I really want to make it to Denver with my Civic. Does anybody know how reliable the Rock Springs and Cheyenne pumps have been?


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      Re: Trip planner now available on

      The trip planner was a priceless tool on my trip from Utah to San Diego. I will never again travel without having a trip planner with me. Great work!!!
      Logan, UT


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        I'm trying to plan a trip from San Diego to Salt Lake City and was unable to use the trip planner. When I try to input a starting and ending destination is says "invalid address." Am I missing something?


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          James , I am not sure cngprices website is being actively maintained these days. I suggest you send a pm to Both John Mitton ( CNGCHAT website owner, in SLC area) and to 300mileclub ( Bill) . Both have made the trip many times.
          What vehicle are you driving ? CNG Civic ?
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            San Diego to Utah is very doable on CNG.

            Click on the "CNG Stations" link above and then take a look at the Dept. of Energy web site for addresses. These are my go-to stations:

            Top off in Victorville at D Street. Then you don't need to fill at Barstow (its expensive and the dispenser is finicky).

            Best fill in Las Vegas is on Paradise by the airport. But the North Las Vegas station on Losee Rd is more convenient to I-15 (it will fill you to 3000 psi or so).

            St. George isn't far and the Riverside Dr. station has great fills. But if you want a convenience store, food & bathroom head up to Hurricane or even up to Cedar City.

            Scipio is a good station but I have been there when the card reader wouldn't connect and someone was stranded... Top off here but don't rely on it. There is a nice petting zoo at the station if you have kids traveling with you

            And then on the Wasatch Front there are all kinds of stations, see the map.'

            Safe travels,


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              I just used the trip planner in the last week, make sure you put the city then comma then state abbreviation.