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help DC to midwest utah/KC/or omamaha

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  • help DC to midwest utah/KC/or omamaha

    I was using the CNG route locator website but it's a bit tricky.
    The range on the b2500 van is 180 miles, and it looks like? there are
    gaps beyond the vans range?

    has anyone ever driven dc to any of those locations on cng with
    a 180 mile range?

    Anyone know if it's do-able? or if not? any recommendations on how to
    get the van to any of those locations? preferably utah.

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    Re: help DC to midwest utah/KC/or omamaha

    If you're referring to, it's easier to plug the address' into mapquest and let it tell you the distance. I spoke to Todd today and he said he was going to be working on a trip planner feature for cngprices... I love it around here! Always something new to look forward to.


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      Re: help DC to midwest utah/KC/or omamaha

      I feel your pain, I had to add two 12GGE tanks to my B3500 to bring it home to Tucson from NYC. I'm planning a trip to your neck of the wood. I'll be adding 24-40 GGE of capacity to my B3500 or my E-350.
      You're going to need more range somehow.
      The trip is possible, but you're going to be taking an adventure and relying on the kindness of strangers.
      Your Friendly Nazi Squirrel Administrator


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        Re: help DC to midwest utah/KC/or omamaha

        Wouldn't you be better off just shipping it? A quick quote on DAS is $830 from DC to kasas city, ks. I shipped my Civic from Sacremento to Detroit for under $600. Heck, I couldn't fly there and drive it back for that, even if there were enought pumps along the way.