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EPA OBDII Exemption: Are we in trouble?

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  • EPA OBDII Exemption: Are we in trouble?


    I just talked to someone at Tulsa Gas Technologies in OK who said that the EPA OBDII compliance exemption on NGV conversion for otherwise approved vehicles ran out in December of 2007, so that now it is only legal to refit vehicles of MY2008 and later.

    Is this true?

    If so, *****PLEASE****** take the time to call your congressman, your senator, and the Senate Environment and Public Works chairs (Barbara Boxer (D-California)-- and Jim Inhofe (R-Oklahoma) to ask for a 3-5 year extension in order to allow the refitters to resume working on used trucks. The livelihood of ourselves and our neighbors may well depend on this action.



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    Re: EPA OBDII Exemption: Are we in trouble?

    Hi Andy-Paul,

    It depends. I have posted a notice on the top of the Conversions forum with a link to this great FAQ from NGV America. The issue you describe is explained on the first page of the FAQ:

    A retrofit system certification applies to a specific engine for specific model year, e.g. 2008 GM 6.0L engine family “XYZ”, which applies to several – but not all – 2008 GM vehicles with a GM 6.0L engine. Furthermore, this certification applies only to the installation of that system for a limited time period (e.g. installations completed during the 2008 calendar year). SVMs may opt to ‘carry-over” their certifications into future years by filing additional documentation and paying a fee, thus allowing them to convert a previous model-year vehicle (for which they obtained certification) in later years (e.g. carry-over of a 2007 certification to allow conversion of a 2007 vehicle in 2008). This decision to carry over a certification is usually based on the SVM’s projected sales volume.

    So if you have a fleet of the same vehicle year for which an EPA cert was obtained in the past, it would be a no-brainer for the SVM ("Small Volume Manufacturer" also known as "kit provider") to re-file with the EPA to allow the install in 2008.

    This carry-over filing requirement is a thorn in the side of the SVMs. We should look into if this requirement is an EPA ruling or if it was legislated.