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I need to defuel my tank

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  • I need to defuel my tank

    Hello, who do I call to defuel my CNG tank ( I'm in San Diego CA )? The tank is out of the vehicle it came from. The guy said he ran the car till empty before taking it out. I've seen online that there's still plenty of gas in the tank even if the car has stalled, and I've confirmed it still has plenty of gas; I cracked the valve a little to make sure. I tried looking up online for a licensed CNG mechanic in my area but I've only come across a CNG inspector. I'm afraid my only option is to defuel it myself.

    I've come across several defueling videos, is the way this guy (video below) is defueling safe?

    I'm thinking of having a vent stack going above my house. similar to what he ( video below ) did.

    I have an argon tank that I am to use to purge the rest of the Natural gas out, once it's nearly empty.

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    You say you cracked the valve. I assume it's a manual valve? Just keep cracking it open a little at a time until it is empty. Of course, do it outside out in the open. As long as there is a little wind blowing, it shouldn't be a problem.


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      cool, ill do that. thanks.