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Upgrading Pickup from 17GGE to 30GGE by A1-Alternative Fuels (Fresno)

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  • Upgrading Pickup from 17GGE to 30GGE by A1-Alternative Fuels (Fresno)

    (Pics of new tank and enclosure attached)

    With high gas prices and inflation ever creeping I decided several months ago to upgrade my Chevrolet 2015 Bi-Fuel. With the new tank I only lost about 3 inches of bed space. My truck came equipped with a rear camera, I am not concerned with visibility.

    After I placed a deposit in April I dropped the truck off at their facility on Monday. The process takes 3-4 days at a cost of $9,500, I am very happy with the results. I have not done a range comparison yet but the old tank I would average 175-200 miles per fill. I am expecting over 300 miles per fill with the new tank. I will report back when I get a few tanks through it.

    I fuel from home, by doing this it increases my return to base range so I am not running on gasoline, it also makes road trips more affordable.

    Be advised inflation and supply chain nonsense is getting out of control, when I asked about the conversion last year it was 500$ cheaper, I suspect if you wanted this done its going to be more.

    As always A-1 does exceptionally work, and I highly recommend them. No its not cheap, but quality work done efficiently rarely is. Shout out to Josh, Kevin and Goose for their excellent customer service. These guys are very busy converting semis and garbage trucks on a daily basis,, they don't need my business but they take care of little guys and work to get things like this into their schedule and it's greatly appreciated.

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    time filling at home I'm getting 350 miles per tank, fast fill I'm getting 300-325 miles per tank. One thing I've noticed is the fuel gauge is definitely not linear especially with fast fills, which is to be expected.

    I think the new larger tank has made this more noticeable.
    The first quarter of the gauge gives 25 miles of range, the last quarter of the fuel gauge gives 100 miles.

    The most important thing to know is the switch over point from CNG to gasoline when the low fuel light comes on, in my case its 75 miles if I'm not towing anything and I keep the speed steady between 65-70 mph.

    -Note on actual fast fill capacity:

    For me, an empty tank is defined as the truck will not run on CNG because the pressure is too low, for my truck that is approximately 375 psi.

    If its a "good fill" and the tank is empty, I get 23 gallons of CNG.

    With 325 miles of range this works out to 14.1 miles per gallon when traveling on the highway at 65-70 mph.

    -Was it worth it? He'll yea, did I loose and noticeable bed space? No:

    The tank takes up only a couple inches more of bed space (thanks to the inverse square law) the added range makes it much easier to live with. In my opinion all pickup trucks should have this as a option. The cost if negligible compared to the typical 19x60 tank.