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has anyone turned a scuba compressor for CNG home compression

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  • has anyone turned a scuba compressor for CNG home compression

    thinking of buying a $250 dollar scuba compressor (4500psi) on amazon to compress CNG for cars.

    The CNG stations charge 1.60 / GGE, and homefill would be 30 cents per GGE.

    The plan would be to have a flash back arrester on the intake to the compressor to prevent any accidents from going back into the main line.

    Might also have a check valve to make sure the gas only goes one way.

    It would appear impossible to have a flashback arrestor on the tank line due to 4500psi.

    I havent been able to source cng service nozzles, i found fill ones but not the service handles like at the station, so i will be using a diy connector system that is rated for 4500psi, probably ball valves instead.

    What u think of the plan?
    I heard others hear talk about blowby and i googled it and it just means if u have bad seals in the compressor or something cng can leak from the clyinder into the crankcase and then atmosphere but thats not a problem i think as i dont care about greenhouse gases. I dont think it would explode in the crankcase or something i would fail to see why.

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    In the early days a lot on CNG compressors came from the SCUB world. For your safety and that of your neighbors everything on the compressor need to be explosion proof. This includes the mother, switches and all electrical connections. My guess would be if you have problems with your home-brew rig is that your insurance company will deny any claim. There will also be fines from your local fire marshal.


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      Mike is correct. This is something not worth risking. There was a situation in Nebraska a while ago where a scuba compressor was used for CNG. The gas company learned of it and brought in the Fire Marshal, who shut the small facility down.