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  • Cng Newb, wants to know...

    Hey everyone!
    im about to buy a ford transit Cng, and before I make the leap I wanted to know what you like most about your CNg vehicle (besides the carpool access)
    also do these tanks expire? When and how soon?
    Any thoughts or advice greatly appreciated!

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    Hello Dznuts(?) and welcome!

    You might want to contact Transeco Energy/AltechEco in NC. I think they do the Ford Transit upfit. 828.654.8300



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      thanks Bill / afvman,
      i guess i wasnt clear, but the ford I just bought is already a CNG vehicle. Wanted to just get some insight or advice from you guys as to why you prefer CNG cars. But i appreciate the response.


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        welcome and other salutations. I love my cng cars and trucks first because I drive a lot just my pick up uses about 125 usd a month if I have the compressor go down it jumps to about 400 a month for gasoline gasoline 1.89 vs cng 0.79 out of my gas meter no brainer that my friend is the real green movement .next my oil never gets dirty unless I have to burn gasoline. next the clean air thing is nice but that kind of green will not put many penny's in your pocket just the real world last but not least the motors last almost forever the last pick up that I junked had 913000 miles on it it did use a lot of oil the last 100000 though 2000 chevy 1500 v6 5spd now a question for you are you by any chance the dznuts from brooklyn md ?


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          Hello again,

          CNG is a win/win. I agree with Cowboy. The Ford forum could help with any technical questions as could TransEco.

          I can help on the cylinder question. Look closely at the cylinder label. It will have a 'Do Not Use After' date. Beyond that date the cylinder is expired and cannot be recertified. During it's useful life it should be inspected. Current regs state (for LD vehicles) every 3 years or 36,000 miles. Personally, I think this is too long. The trade association, NGVAmerica, guidelines for MD/HD vehicles recommends a detailed inspection once a year. This may sound like and additional burden but it's why the NGV industry has the safest record of any transportation fuel.

 keeps a list of Fuel System Inspectors that are qualified and can help, as would I if having trouble locating local technicians.

          Welcome again and enjoy doing your part to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and clean up the environment!