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  • Timing advancer processors

    Hiya all!
    I recently joined the forum. I live in Mumbai India and have 2 vehicles running on CNG.
    The first is a 2006 Suzuki swift with a venturi based kit made by BRC italy. This has an Emulator and a Timing advance processor which advances timing based on input from the TPS and MAP.
    The second car is an older car, its an HM ambasasdor with a tomasseto sequential kit and a AEB ecm. This kit doesn't have a timing advancer. Most sequential kits, have a crank position based timing advancer and other cars with venturi based kits, have a TPS/MAP based timing advancer. Just wanted to know, if the TPS based module can be installed in a sequential kit car.

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    Hello Shomsd,

    Hopefully some others more familiar with those systems will respond, but regardless of the delivery method the goal is the same, viz., to advance the timing for a slower burning fuel

    So, l would think either approach would accomplish that.

    Good luck on keeping both cars running on CNG!