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09 GX vacuum to temporarily resolve no cold start problem

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  • 09 GX vacuum to temporarily resolve no cold start problem

    So I think i've found my problem with an IAT problem.. The car ends up not getting enough fuel to air.. on rare occasions when it's been cold to 35 degrees and even though it warms up to the low 40's.. I was thinking.. If i were to experience this problem, a way to get the car started would be to create a vacuum leak so that the computer feeds the car more fuel, it should start.. then i could close the vacuum leak, the car would warm up and operate normally at least for the day..

    So my question is, what's the easiest line to pull or thing to do to create a vacuum leak?

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    There have been a few posts on no start problems. My experience with this is usually due to a start and shut off of the engine without driving it longer than 100 feet. I moved my GX from the driveway to the street and shut off the engine. Inevitability, I would not be able to start the car the next time. Only way I was able to get it going was to crank the engine with the throttle press all the way down for couple of minutes. I let it rest after 30 seconds intervals. Eventually it started. This has happened to me multiple times. And everytime it was after a short move of the car. Hope this might help.


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      Yes...if you watch the RPMs you need to drive, idle do something to get them below a 1000 before shutting off. Otherwise it will fight you the next time you try to start, I was surprised that Honda could not fix this even with 3 tries


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        Mine isn't related to a short drive.. i'd drive back home for 30 minutes. I think what i've read is that if it's cold outside it doesn't use the sensors the same as if the car was warm, instead it uses some lookup table for fuel trim.. and it doesn't put in enough fuel for cold dense air. There is supposed to be a dealer flash update that costs about $150.. however I think there is a tool on ebay i can buy and flash it myself. I will try to make sure that the idle is low before i shut it off. That makes sense, as the car might be writing the values down and using them at restart? and maybe a low RPM causes the right fuel mixture at next start up when i's cold. I'm going to order that update tool on ebay and try to research on exactly what the dealer changes and do it myself too.


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          btw when it warms up it stumbles so i see cranking it a lot isn't good, but crank it for like 5 seconds and pump the gas as it's stumbling and it will pick up the rpm and run.

          also: starting fluid didn't really help.


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            update: i agree it does seem to do with short move and cold weather. It hadn't happened for a while then the wife moved the car in the driveway..t hen no start


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              Hi, did you guys figure what the problem was? my 08 civic gx leaks gas through intake when cranking and no start.