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  • KSL, Standard Examiner and others

    The articles in the news have been interesting. As a relative noob I am amazed how slow some are to understand and how quickly inaccuracies spread. Reading the postings, I ranged from irritated by misinformation, humored by opinion that were totally off base, and cheering for the few that actually new what they were talking about. I just wanted to post but didn't dare. Thank you to all who have helped me learn so much (relatively speaking) so fast.

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    Re: KSL, Standard Examiner and others

    That's why we formed this group, and others, over the years. It's amazing how much the level of awareness and intelligent information has risen since I organized my first Yahoo group 3 years ago. I think Loran actually started his before I started mine. A ngv owner looking for other ngv owners to share info with because no one really had any info. Now look around the group, industry professionals from every corner of the arena, ngv owners who are literally engineers and rocket scientists sharing their knowledge with everyone. We've all come a long way in the last few years, and with the enthusiasm that you, and all the members bring to the table, we are going to continue to take this web site... and the strength of our growing numbers to the next level. We surpassed 1400 members today... UNFREAKING BELIEVABLE! We are the biggest, and best, site on the web. Keep spreading the word everyone.


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      Re: KSL, Standard Examiner and others


      That speech sounds like a high school football coach talking to his team just before the big game. Good job.
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        Re: KSL, Standard Examiner and others