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  • Tank gasket

    I have a ford f150. The gasket on the main tank was leaking just slightly, so I had a shop replace it. They replaced it with just a rubber o-ring. I got it home and it blew. The neighbors made me call the firedepartment because it was leaking quite bad. The fire department came out and sealed off the street and stayed till 1:30 in the morning till it finished leaking out. I don't want this to happen again. Do you know where I can get the correct gasget for the main tank ?

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    Re: Tank gasket

    The gasket is just an o-ring. but if it is pinched, cut. just not installed wrong or the wrong size. you have a leak. Always lube o-rings with silicone gel on installation.


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      Re: Tank gasket

      It could be the material, too. Many seals today are Viton or some other material that is much tougher than 'rubber'. Or it could have been the wrong shape or size. Maybe call Ford?
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