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New Utah member questions

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  • Highmarker
    Re: New Utah member questions


    Please review our Rules and Terms of Service. We would not like it if you post the same thread in multiple locations. This makes it difficult for someone to follow the responses to your questions/concerns (they have to search all your posts). I am going to close this psot and you can follow the responses in the thread below.
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  • redrockrico
    started a topic New Utah member questions

    New Utah member questions

    Hi Folks, just found this site although I have had a bi-fuel chevy corsica for a couple years. I bought it from a fellow who watches the state vehicle auctions. I live in Moab part time and in Santa Cruz CA part time and travel quite a bit. I have a few questions which I will ask here and maybe in other places too since I am not quite sure how to best do this.
    First, I would like to meet other CNG folks in these areas (and even beyond) and eventually to help get more info out on alternative fuel vehicles. (Happy Earth Day by the way!)
    I am also very interested in advice about the best and cheapest way to buy and set up a CNG fueling system. What is the comparison of Phill, C3, FM4 and if any of these are available near Utah.
    I am wondering if anyone has a Phill and lives in a couple places and if you have tried to move it back and forth sucessfully.
    As I travel with the bi-fuel vehicle outside Utah, I have not found it very handy with all the different types of stations and high costs. Have some of you found a way to move through this West Coast maze gracefully and cheaply?
    Thanks to all of you who are making a difference with your vehicle!