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Busses Shutting Down The Pump

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  • Busses Shutting Down The Pump

    It seems that these transit busses have been coming through my area more and more frequently, and the pumps quit working. The pump here was down for 2 days after 5 busses fueled up and the next closest pump was down because of it. The compressors have to be working overtime from fueling all those busses. Anyone else been experiencing this?

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    Re: Busses Shutting Down The Pump

    It happens in Utah as well. I have filled up after a few customers that dispensed 60-100 GGE on one sale. I am guessing this must be from some sort of commercial use, like a bus.


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      Re: Busses Shutting Down The Pump

      At one of the stations I operated I had a through-put of about 480 CFM with 132,000 CF of storage @ 3800 PSI. Besides the large through-put of passenger vehicles I had a fleet of 6 school buses and when Dikson Sweeper's station was down 8 sweepers would come in. I would ask the busses and sweepers to come in at staggered time but that never happened. Most older public stations don't have either the storage or the compressors to handle commercial fills.

      CE is now operating the station with 1000 CFM with 99000 CF of storage divided into 66000 @ 3500 psi & 33000 @ 4500 psi. With less than a 1/8 of the sales.


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        Re: Busses Shutting Down The Pump

        Some of the drivers are cool about letting you get your couple of gallons and everything, but when the light-duty vehicles need to be refueled and there are 3 or 4 busses in a row you'll be lucky to get about 1500 psi. These pumps here are older compressors that don't have the capabilities of a buss fleet grade system. I wish there was a way to better coordinate when busses are there and not. These days it seems like there isn't a time when they aren't there. It is making CNG look bad when people see that you can't get a good fill on the tank.