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  • Convert2CNG

    Hi All,
    Every day now there is at least one post in this forum asking something about converting to CNG.
    I would like to start a new site and am looking for help.
    From simple request on what this site should look like to help in programming in bringing this site up to meet all our expectations.
    The domain is already selected and currently I am in the process of selecting a host.
    There are no funds allocated and there is no sponsor who could help with financing - so all will be voluntary. But I'm sure there are committed people.

    The plan is to use a sql database (i.e. MySQL) and a language many are familiar with (i.e. PHP) so many different people can help and a lot of templates available for it.
    Before I go in too much details I wanted to open this thread to get a discussion started, and to hear other thoughts about it.
    Feel free to send me a PM, too.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Convert2CNG

    Is this going to be a support site for those who want to convert to CNG? Will it have technical an legal info about conversions. We need to bring conversions into the light and away from being a dark art that only the select few know. If that's the plan, I'm all for it. And hopefully we can answer some questions about non-EPA conversions on vehicles that don't require EPA conversions (i.e. non-OBDII) since there are a lot of those out there.


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      Re: Convert2CNG


      Neongreen's idea is a good one. Is this the direction you were thinking, or just an introduction to what CNG is for 1st timers?


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        Re: Convert2CNG

        Hi from Australia.

        We dont have much in the way of CNG here despite having vast reserves of it underground here.

        But Singapore has recently become very involved - and they trained their nechanics to convert cars to CNG her in Australia - I cant work that out, especially as we are paying $1.40 AUD per litre for petrol (gas) here. I think this works out to over $5 per gallon.

        I think it is political - Government and the oil companies are pretty close and they want a captive market.

        Re CNG conversions, has anyone heard of Galileo - this is a company in Argentina that makes a virtual pipeline - a modular way of distributing gas , a plug and play service station to fill cars - and a computer controlled CNG injection system - used for CNG conversions.

        In Singapore they use the Galileo CNG conversion kit and can convert a modern car to Bi Fuel CNG for around $3000 Singapore dollars - which is under $2400 australian dollars and probably about $2200 US dollars.

        They say that they can bring the cionversion price down lower than this in the future as well.

        heres a couple of links :

        this is a promotional article on CNG in Singapore.

        Melchers of Singapore - looks like they have all bases covered...

        Galileo - the plug and play gas station looks interesting.

        Does anyone know about the quality of Galileo products. They say they export to quite a few countries as well as fit many of the 1.5 million CNG cars in Argentina..


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          Re: Convert2CNG

          Originally posted by neongreen View Post
          Is this going to be a support site for those who want to convert to CNG? Will it have technical an legal info about conversions. We need to bring conversions into the light and away from being a dark art that only the select few know. If that's the plan, I'm all for it. And hopefully we can answer some questions about non-EPA conversions on vehicles that don't require EPA conversions (i.e. non-OBDII) since there are a lot of those out there.
          The intention is not to duplicate this forum (CNGChat) by no means.
          There will be a list of all vehicles (as complete as it can get, possible using user input) and what type of engine.
          There is another list with conversion kits available and what type of certification they have (as released from the mfg. - possible a copy as an image or so), and where there are mechanics certified for that kit.
          Another list with users showing interest in converting - so if a kit needs any type of approval by any area the mfg. will see what interest there is.
          In any case that is a start and will grow.


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            Re: Convert2CNG

            I think the first priority should be to shed light on the already-approved kits that are on the American highway. BAF and Baytech will not answer calls from mechanics who find these vehicles in their shops so long as their established installer is anywhere within 1,000 miles or so.

            Convert2CNG's concept is good and I support it, but I think for now we could accomplish something similar by creating sub-forums for BAF, Baytech and Ecofuels under the Service & Conversions area so mechanics can discuss particular aspects of these kits. What do others think?


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              Re: Convert2CNG

              I just traced out a problem on a cng vehicle using a lab scope. This vehicle is OBDI and set no codes, very little data stream & had been to a dealer three times.
              For techncian information
              The amperage waveform on the injector shows a dip in the pattern when the pintle moves, you can see when the pinte closes on the voltage waveform. In this case the pintle movement was late on one injector indication a sticking pintle that required more amperage to make it move & at times it was way slow to close causing backfire in the exhaust.
              I have given up on finding much information & as John said -- no help from manufacturers so and am making my own diagnostic charts. Saving waveforms and five gas readings. I can see why people dont want to share as I will have a lot of hours diagnostic time to build a baseline and document good and bad pattern failures.
              Is there a format to help technicians share and work together to break the stranglehold of information.


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                Re: Convert2CNG

                I am very interested in finding out who in Utah is doing conversinos, and what vehicles they have experience working on. I list of shops of mechanics would be awsome.


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                  Re: Convert2CNG

                  The list of mechanics would also include feedback and ratings from customer, and a chance for the mechanic to respond. (It would be of the mechanic's best interest to always be polite ).
                  As to the list of available conversion kits, there are no plans to restrict or not allow particular kits.
                  As it was pointed out to start with the kits available and established will be listed first and as more kits are known to fit whatever vehicle it will be added.
                  Hopefully at one time kit manufacturer are able to update their own records.
                  There is good feedback from all of you - keep it up.


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                    I'm no expert but I know a couple thinks about Galileo and CNG in Argentina as well.
                    Argentina has the same gas crisis that we have now, about 30 years ago and they did started CNG since then. The tecnology on the CNG kits has improved over the years and many companies do manufacture kits there. Galileo is the biggest name on th game. For some people talking about CNG in Argentina may sound like "usecure", "non-regulated" third country practice non comparable to CNG in US. But the thru is that they are way ahead than us here.
                    How does it hork down there if you want CNG on your car?

                    1- you have to go to an approved shop, they can install diferent brands, the total price for a top of the line kit with tanks installed is arround u$s1000.- There are aproved for ALL CARS.

                    2- At the shop you have to register the kit under your name on the "DMV" and every year the car and the kit needs to do Emissions and Safety testing.

                    3- You get a sticker for your windshield with 12 month expiration. If your sticker is expired you can not charge at the refuelling station.

                    4- If you want to install a used kit and tank, the tank goes thru the test, any certified shop can do it. And they over charge the tank and send it thru some kind of X rays to see the fatige of the material ( I told you, I'm not an expert).

                    5- Just to add some, with quite some experience in th field, and a couple millions CNG cars on the streets. Argentinian agencies banned the CNG carbon Fiber tanks for the local market after a couple blow up.

                    Going back to Galileo, I feel confident a company that has all their products certify by ISO ( international agency) is in position to provide the top quality and they do all over the world.
                    I personally had 3 cars with their system on. I just wish I could get my hand on one of them again. I'm not concern about quality or safety, I've test them as a client myself. I just can't belive how all the regulations make this so important process so hard and expensive.

                    If you were wondering, Yes I'm from Argentina and a proud Utahn now.
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                      Re: Convert2CNG

                      Thanks for all that great information DCK. Very interesting to hear the details of what's going on in other countries. Sounds like they're really on top of things in Argentina.
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