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Some fuel pricing questions (black cat)

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  • Some fuel pricing questions (black cat)

    hello Curtis of Palmdale Honda
    I am trying to figure out why the cng filling stations in CA
    1. are not the same price like UT
    2. It seems the cost of cng is so high how can one afford the cng instalation cost.
    3. the homes in area of the station surley don't pay high as the price of the station excluding cng pump cost.
    4. how many gal of cng does the Honda hold and how many gal fits in it on fast fill. thanks for the information sir.

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    Re: black cat

    I'll take a crack at this, Curtis,

    The Utah stations are owned by the gas utility, which has a legal price limit. The stations in California are mostly privately owned and can charge whatever they want.

    The added cost for CNG on a new car or conversion makes sense if
    1) you fuel at home in CA or at a public station in UT
    2) you want solo carpool lane access
    3) you get state/federal rebates which cover most of the difference

    You can always buy a used CNG or bi-fuel car which will often be less than a new car or conversion even after rebates.

    Honda Civic GX holds 7-8 GGE. Max range is 230-260 miles depending on the year. Mine (2001 and 2002) hit the low fuel light at 190-200 and can go another 30 miles safely.
    02 GX
    01 GX
    03 Crown Vic
    06 GX
    Home Fueler


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      Re: black cat

      thank you Freedml for the info I have a 2001 Windstar van with the back seat out and put 3 - 7gge tanks which gives me 300 mile range on fast fill. I sure like $ 63.9 in Utah. Went on a trip to W DC and found cng going there but down to Orlando, after leaving NC it was a joke till getting back in Texas. I asked eere to separate the Privite from Public for easyer station to chose from on Route Mapping.


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        Re: Some fuel pricing questions (black cat)

        I don't know if this helps or not Black Cat, but at they only have public stations listed with addresses. Hope that helps.
        Logan, UT


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          Re: Some fuel pricing questions (black cat)

          Michael , you did a good job with that one.

          If Queststar wasn't a monopoly, and pumping their own gas, Utah would be another story. As a monopoly, the PUC controls their prices.

          Ca is a free for all. Multiple gas suppliers and utility companies, private companies like CE and others, allow competitive priceing if there are no price controls in place, which tere are not.

          Incentives are designed to be just that, an incentive to offset the conversion costs of cng. They tend to vary greatly from city to city. What most people don't realize is that they can write a grant proposal to their local AQMD and create a program, as I did in the Antelope Valley, in Northern Los Angeles County. I created a $3000 grant for the car and another $2000 for the home refueling folks. It can be done anywhere.