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Value of 2000 Honda Civic GX

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  • Value of 2000 Honda Civic GX

    Help folks!
    I am selling the above mentioned vehicle, and the buyer's credit union cannot find vehicle value data in the usual places (KBB, Edmunds), so they will not loan on the vehicle.
    Any recommendations for a resource that I can steer him to for "blue book" type value data on the vehicle?


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    Re: Value of 2000 Honda Civic GX

    What is the mileage, condition and any added equipment? ie Alloy wheels, CD player, etc. that were added after purchase, or is it stack?

    There is always the option of taking out a signature loan independent of the car or an equity line of credit if available.

    I've noted that during the early years of fleet availability they don't tend to list the GX. Try going to KBB and Edmunds and click on "contact us" or "help" and try emailing them directly, asking for the value to be listed. They may not be aware that the car is missing from their listings. Remember, there may have only been less than 500 GX's built in 2000.


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      Re: Value of 2000 Honda Civic GX

      Mileage is 79K, condition good, multi CD player added.
      Great tip on sending an E-mail to KBB or Edmunds, will do!

      I remember that there was info posted a few years ago, but I agree if production was low, not likely to be current info available.


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        Re: Value of 2000 Honda Civic GX

        The same thing happened to me when I bought mine. I just put in the mileage and all options that are available with the top of the line civic sedan, not the SI bc it only came in a coupe that year.

        This worked for me,


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          Re: Value of 2000 Honda Civic GX

          Attached is a recent eBay auction for a 2001 GX with lower miles. $13,100 so you should have no problem convincing the credit union to loan up to $10,000
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            Re: Value of 2000 Honda Civic GX

            You guys are starting to make me feel bad for overpaying before I've saved dollar one.


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              Re: Value of 2000 Honda Civic GX

              How much did you pay TJ?


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                Re: Value of 2000 Honda Civic GX

                Here are other 2000's I've seen posted.

                Year, Mileage, Price, State
                2000 67,000 $8,800 AZ
                2000 70,385 $9,495 UT
                2000 83,700 $10,995 UT
                2000 86,000 $5,500 AZ
                2000 89,000 $7,500 UT
                2000 100,000 $8,000 CA
                2000 107,000 $9,250 CA
                2000 107,000 $7,500 CA
                2000 115,000 $12,900 CA




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                  Re: Value of 2000 Honda Civic GX

                  John the 2001 is the Gen II body for the GX it brings a slight premium over the 2000 GX which is still a Gen I. I place the value of this one right at about $9500

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                    Re: Value of 2000 Honda Civic GX

                    This from Edmunds "Help Line" after posting your question to them:

                    I have tried repeatedly to find the Honda Civic GX listed in your used car va... Discussion Thread Response (Dan)04/14/2008 02:02 PMDear Curtis,

                    Thank you for contacting Customer Support. We will be happy to assist you with your inquiry.

                    The Civic GX was originally offered only to fleet customers (city motor pools, etc), Honda did not include the Civic GX in the consumer order guide until the 2001 model year, at which time enabled us to add it to our displayed data. Should it be determined that the fleet-only 98-2000 GXs turn up on the used vehicle market in significant numbers they may be included in our data in the near future.

                    We hope this information is helpful to you.


           Customer Support
                    Where smart car buyers start® Customer (Curtis Martin)04/07/2008 09:06 PMI have tried repeatedly to find the Honda Civic GX listed in your used car values. I sometimes can get them to come up, but only if new or fairly recent. I need a value on a 2000 GX but can't find it here or on KBB.... Help! The bank won't give me a loan without someone telling them what it's worth. Can you add in the 1998-2004 GX to your usually comprehensive listings? Question Reference #080407-000072Category Level 1: Used CarsCategory Level 2: Used Car Appraisals / PricingDate Created: 04/07/2008 09:06 PMLast Updated: 04/14/2008 02:02 PMStatus: Solved - ResponseYear: 2000Make: HondaModel: Civic GX

                    Realizing that GX production may have run under 500 cars for many of the early years there may be no collected data to establish values. Still wish they would list the cars, but there may be little, if any way for them to know values through market evaluation without some data (from us?) to use.

                    Seems some of us are real number lovers. Perhaps we could supply them with the missing/collected date from the various sources. We need to be careful that we are comparing apples to apples. Sale dates, Prices, conditions are the 3 key points. Everything else is a given.


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                      Re: Value of 2000 Honda Civic GX

                      Now I'm needing the same info for my '99 GX - 97K well maintained miles, good interior, ok exterior, only upgrades are Blaupunkt MP3/CD stereo & tinted windows. Also, where is the best place to advertise these vehicles?




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                        Re: Value of 2000 Honda Civic GX

                        Try a PM to cngmotors or cngcars. They are in the used cng business. They'd know better than anyone. While cng cars are still in high demand, several factors are effecting the market in a very predictable way.

                        The frenzy, if I can call it that, has slowed a little because gasoline prices have dropped slightly below the price of an arm and a leg. If gas prices begin to climb again, the value for compact cars in general, and the used GX's, will once again climb. I've noted a bit of a drop in resale values on the used market. Used cars that were bringing in way too much are not moving as well, or at all. The market has corrected itself a bit, as they say on the stock reports.

                        Some of this may be due to Utah's huge increase in the price at the cng pumps (poor guys), and possibly their inability to squeeze any more cng cars into the state. They may have reached a saturation level. I do hear rumors of Utah ramping up to increase their infrastructure by a factor of nearly 2. Perhaps that will help them absorb a few more cars.

                        If I wanted to sell mine, I'd wait until the next big run-up in gas prices... which may be sooner than you think.