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stuck without CNG in NW florida

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  • stuck without CNG in NW florida

    Hello everyone,

    I have been reading these forums for several months now but I am getting closer to taking the plunge and buy a civic gx. The more research I do about the cng subject regarding refueling has me dumbfounded. Not only is there not a public filling station in my area, I found out today that the phill is not even sold in my state and I cannot purchase one from them because of that.
    Why is it so hard to be more efficient? If anyone knows where I can find a used phill or can sell me a new one please let me know. I think CNG is a perfect alternative to gasoline and would suit my needs perfectly. I have a very short drive to work and know it will take a long time to recoup my investment at that rate but like the idea of it. My local gas company seems disinterested in helping me achieve this goal. thanks in advance for all yor help.

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    Re: stuck without CNG in NW florida

    Forget Phill, just get a used Fuelmaker.

    FM4 seems to be popular.


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      Re: stuck without CNG in NW florida

      I would recommend a FMQ2-36 to get a full tank. There is one available on eBay now. If you buy it, have the seller replace the compressor before he sends it to you.
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